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1. What are some other benefits of connecting and using reclaimed water?
2. After hours emergency number: (321) 433-8808.
3. What is a backflow preventer?
4. What is back-flow?
5. What is a cross connection?
6. How much money will I save on my water and sewer bill?
7. Are modifications to my house or plumbing needed for reclaimed water?
8. Is there any salt in reclaimed water?
9. How much money will I save on my water and sewer bill?
10. Why must I pay for reclaimed when I already pay for sewer?
11. Is connection to the reclaimed water system required?
12. Can I wash my car?
13. Do I have to abandon my well?
14. Can I irrigate food crops?
15. What can I irrigate with reclaimed water?
16. Does reclaimed water smell or stain?
17. 15. Can I use reclaimed water for toilet flushing?
18. Can I use reclaimed water for a water to air A/C?
19. What is the service line size?
20. What is a hose bibb? (Also called a spigot)
21. Can I have a hose for reclaimed water?
22. When can I water?
23. How much can I use?
24. Can I use it in pools or spas?
25. Is it drinkable?
26. Is reclaimed water safe?
27. What size service line will I need?
28. When do I start payment under Cocoa's financing terms?
29. What is the monthly charge for using reclaimed water? (subject to change)
30. What is the one-time cost for connecting to the reclaimed water system?