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Customer Checklist

  1. Customer Event Checklist*

    Please read the Facility Use Permit Restrictions Addendum found on the back of the Facility Use Application and Agreement for a complete listing of all City of Cocoa rules and restrictions. You are fully responsible for the facilities you are renting during your contracted time. Any damages during this time will be deducted from the Damage and Clean-up Deposit.

    • Kitchen access is ONLY available with the Civic Center Ball Room and the Porcher House Rentals.
    • If extra time is needed for set-up or tear-down it is the responsibility of the permit holder to secure that time through the application/reservation process and you will be charged according to the Facility Fee Schedule. Access to the facilities is only during the contracted time.
    • All City of Cocoa facilities close promptly at 12:00am. Events must be completed by 11:00pm to allow for an adequate amount of clean-up time.
    • If your event runs past your contracted event end time, every 15 minutes thereafter, you will be billed at an hourly rate. This charge will be deducted from your Damage and Cleanup Deposit.
    • A member of the Leisure Services team will show you where all trash is to be deposited at the end of your event. You will be provided a trash can(s), liner(s), and dumpster. Trash MUST be taken to the dumpster and is not to be left in the facility.
    • All facilities must be left in the condition you found it when your event started. As the responsible party, you understand the condition of how the facility is to be returned after your contracted time. A Facility Attendant will be available for additional instruction if needed on the day of your event.
    • You are responsible for checking in with a Facility Attendant upon arrival and checking out prior to departure. The on-duty Facility Attendant will perform a walk-through of the facility with you within the last hour of your contracted time.
    • Leisure Services is not responsible for lost items nor do we store personal items. Any items left inside the buildings after your contracted time will either be placed outside of the facility or in the dumpster and a fee may be accessed and taken out of your Damage and Clean-up Deposit.
    • A Facility Attendant will set-up your facility based on the set-up provided to the Leisure Services administrative staff prior to the event. Once the facility is set-up per your specifications, you are fully responsible for any adjustments.
    • To reach a Facility Attendant during your contracted event time, please call (321) 212-8213. If they are unable to immediately answer the phone, do NOT leave a message; call back in a minute or two. This number is also posted in the Civic Center lobby and Porcher House kitchen.
    • Decorations are not to be attached to the walls, doors, and windows of the facilities with items such as tape, nails, thumbtacks, etc.
    • Using glitter, confetti, birdseed, and rice inside or outside is not allowed. Bubbles may not be used inside. It is recommended that you discuss your celebration ideas with the Leisure Services staff during your planning process.
    • Candles must be enclosed with a metal or glass holder – no open flames allowed.
    • Candy Station- unwrapped chocolate candy is not allowed.
    • Leisure Services has a limited number of matching chairs and tables in its inventory. It is recommended to either use chair covers or rent matching chairs and tables from an outside vendor if the possibility of mismatched items may be an issue.
  2. By typing my name in this form, I understand that this constitutes a legal signature and confirms that I agree to the above terms. I understand and agree to the rules and restrictions in this checklist and have read, in full, the entire list of rules and regulations outlined in the Facility Use Application and Agreement and Special Events Application and Agreement as approved by resolution of the Cocoa City Council.

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