Why is my hurricane debris not getting picked up?

Please be patient after the storm has passed.  Public service personnel are working hard to get our communities back up and running safely as quickly as possible.  You can help by keeping the roads clear so service personnel can get to areas of concern quickly.

Make sure to keep your debris piles separated.  Debris pickup will go a lot faster if debris is separated into vegetative and other debris piles.  Debris pick-up will begin as quickly as possible.    

Following a storm, Brevard County Waste will be sending debris trucks around to pick up debris.  They are covering a large portion of the county which can delay pickup.  Waste Management can not pick up any debris that is not in a Waste Management container during the time frame that the county is collecting debris.  If you have smaller piles of debris, you can place them in your waste receptacle to be picked up by Waste Management.  

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