What is the connection to the City's Strategic Plan?

As part of the City’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, the objective to evaluate and consider alternate and new revenue sources was identified.  The diversification of City revenue sources allows for reduced reliance on volatile property values; prevents a disproportionate shift of the tax burden to higher valued residential and or non-residential property; and it promotes greater equity and fairness in that all residents and consumers of municipal services are sharing in the costs for the services.

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1. What is the Public Service Tax?
2. Why was the Public Service Tax implemented?
3. When was the Public Service Tax Implemented?
4. What is the connection to the City's Strategic Plan?
5. Why not reduce expenses?
6. Why not use the City's reserves instead of implementing the tax?
7. What costs are contributing to the increase in the budget?
8. How can the City impose this tax?
9. Is this Public Service Tax implemented in other municipalities?
10. What will the average increase on my water bill be?
11. What if City Council did not adopt the Public Service Tax?