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Mission Statement

The mission of Cocoa's government is "To enrich the quality of life for our unique and diverse community by delivering Professional, Responsive, Innovative, Dedicated and Exceptional public services!"

Serving our community with P.R.I.D.E.

The City of Cocoa has a Council/Manager form of government. This means that elected officials make policy decisions, and the staff, led by the City Manager, implements them.


Cocoa, "City of Community, Culture and Commerce," is the most livable of Florida cities; the focus of culture, commerce and tourist activity in East Central Florida. A city where:

  • All residents have the opportunity to participate in community decisions.
  • A vibrant, diversified economic environment is promoted.
  • Proactive, responsive, efficient and accountable government services are provided for all the people.
  • A healthy ecological environment is promoted.
  • Quality education is promoted.
  • A safe community is maintained.
  • Intergovernmental cooperation is promoted



Conducting ourselves in a moral, ethical, and honest manner.


Citizens, Staff and City Council taking ownership and responsibility to promote public trust.


Encouraging community participation, inclusivity and awareness and exhibiting actions that serve as persuasive examples for others to follow.


Serving the community competently and efficiently with character and a positive attitude.


Providing responsive and exceptional customer service.


Treating the public and one another with dignity, consideration and compassion. 



Develop to the fullest potential financial resources. 


Promote the safety of the community and a feeling of security among citizens and visitors. 


Plan and assure infrastructure reliability and regulatory compliance. 


Revitalize downtown Cocoa as the economic, civic and cultural center of the community. Revitalize Diamond Square and US 1 as viable economic communities with emphasis on its commercial corridors. 

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Provide for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of City services. 

Customer Service

Provide responsive customer service and fair and open public processes. 


Promote confidence in the expenditure of public funds by informing, educating, and involving citizens. 


Serve as a leader to promote regional action to ensure effective, efficient and equitable delivery of services for the residents of Cocoa. 


Plan growth, which is sensitive to the environment and recognizes significant community resources. 

Economic Development

Encourage a diversified economic base, which provides for long-term economic health and quality of life.

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