Waste Water Reclamation

Waste Water Treatment Process

The treatment process consists of biological removal of nutrients, aeration, clarification, filtration, disinfection, and de-chlorination. A contractor hauls away residual solids for use as a soil amendment. The liquid discharge stream from the plant is provided to reclaimed water customers within and adjacent to the city.


  • 53 waste water pump stations (lift stations) and associated controls, check valves, and piping
  • Nearly 100 miles of gravity sewers and force mains
  • Nearly 50 miles of reclaimed water distribution mains and service lines to almost 2000 customers
  • Bracco Reservoir, consisting of four storm water treatment ponds and a reclaimed water storage pond, provides a supplemental source of reclaimed water during heavy use periods
  • 22 supplemental reclaimed water supply wells from which additional water can be available during peak demand periods
  • Two 1.5 million gallon ground storage tanks
  • One 5 million gallon ground storage tank
  • One 300,000 gallon elevated tank
The plant is operated in accordance with the rules of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.