Organizational Effectiveness

Drive efficiency with impact focused workflow and attraction and development of a qualified workforce.

The past year, the City of Cocoa focused on recovery efforts after a pandemic affected not only our community but the entire world. The City was able to deliver an excellent level of effective and efficient public services to the community. Efforts were focused this past year on maintaining a qualified and driven workforce by ensuring competitive wages. 

Efforts will now focus on attracting and supporting a qualified and capable workforce that is reflective of the Cocoa community and leveraging the latest in technology to continue to deliver the best public services. This will include enhancing and analyzing workflow processes to ensure a high standard of service.

This past year the City also received awards for it’s budget and financial documents and received a glowing annual financial report with no audit comments. This solidifies the work of Council and staff to ensure the City is financially stable and ready for continued growth opportunities and to maintain long-term fiscal sustainability.

A dedicated and capable workforce that is impact focused and efficient is the base for delivering professional, responsive, innovative, dedicated and exceptional public services to the Cocoa community.

Broad-based initiatives to achieve the priority area of organizational effectiveness include: 

  • Enhance efforts to attract, develop and support a qualified and capable workforce reflective of the community.
  • Leverage the latest technology to deliver efficient and effective public services to the community.
  • Improve organization efficiency and effectiveness by analyzing workflow processes.
  • Maintain the City’s long-term fiscal sustainability.
organizational effectiveness