Viera Pump Station Chlorination Improvements

This project adds an ammonium sulfate storage and feed system to the Viera Booster Pump Station. The ammonium sulfate solution will be added to the water at the site (in combination with the existing sodium hypochlorite system) to increase the monochloramine concentration in the distribution system, thereby improving control of nitrification and distribution system water quality. The main components of the project include an ammonium sulfate storage tank, ammonium sulfate feed pumps, chemical feed piping and injection quills, a concrete injection vault, and a recirculation pump and piping. 

Status Construction
Design Start October 2021
Design Completion August 2022
Construction Start April 2023
Construction Completion August 2024
Spent Budget $297,134
Total Budget $1,012,967
Percent Construction Complete 13%
                                                  Statistics as of January 2024