Building Permit Fees

On May 13, 2020, City Council adopted Resolution 2020-144, revising the building permit fee schedule. The change shall be effective on May 14, 2020. 

City of Cocoa Building & Permitting Division Miscellaneous Permit Fee Schedule

(Fees below DO NOT include State of Florida fees)

Residential Occupancy Construction

Permit TypeValuationValuation

First $1,000 of project cost$1,001+
Building$72$72 plus $3.25/$1,000
Fire PreventionNoneNone

Non-Residential Construction

Permit TypeValuationValuation

First $1,000 of project cost$1,001+
Building$92$92 plus $5.25/$1,000
Fire Prevention$50 plus 0.0025 times the job value$50 plus 0.0025 times the job value

* All fees include Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) fees.

* There shall be no building, electric, and plumbing permit fees for any building, electric, or plumbing permit application filed with the City related to the installation of solar photovoltaic and thermal systems.

*There is a State Surcharge of 2.5% of the "building" permit cost or $4.00, whichever is greater, for all building permits.

Description of WorkResidential Occupancy FeeNon-Residential Fee
Aluminum Carport$72.00$92.00
Aluminum Patio/Screen Enclosure$72.00$92.00
Construction Trailer$72.00$92.00
Exterior Siding$72.00$92.00
Fences or Masonry Wall$72.00$92.00
Garage Door$72.00$92.00
Hurricane Shutters$72.00$92.00
HVAC (replacement only)$72.00$92.00
Land Clearing$72.00$92.00
Lawn Irrigation$72.00$92.00
Retaining Wall$72.00$92.00
Sign (non-illuminated)$72.00$92.00
Sign (temporary)$72.00$92.00
Spa (electric fee only)$72.00$92.00
Swimming Pool (above ground)$72.00$92.00
Swimming Pool Repair$72.00$92.00
Tent (temporary)$72.00$92.00
Window Replacement$72.00$92.00