Schedule B: Miscellaneous Rates, Fees & Charges

Utility Impact & Connection Fees (updated October 2021)

Water Service Impact Fee

Meter SizeERCReclaimed Water Not AvailableReclaimed Water Available
5/8 x 3/4 inch (SFR only)1.00$1,750$1,300
5/8 x 3/4 inch (not SFR)1.00$1,750$1,750
1 inch2.50$4,375$3,375
1.5 inch6.00$10,500$10,500
2 inch9.50$16,625$16,625
3 inch21.75$38,062.50$38,062.50
4 inch37.50$65,625$65,625
6 inch80.00$140,000$140,000
8 inch140.00$245,000$245,000
10 inch210.00$367,500$367,500

Unit DescriptionERCReclaimed Water Not AvailableReclaimed Water Available
Single family residence1.00$1,750$1,300
Apartment or condo: 1 bath0.80$1,400$1,400
Apartment or Condo: 2 or more bath1.00$1,750$1,750

South Mainland Water Connection Fee

129A$887.98 per ERC
129B$789.77 per ERC

Sewer Service Impact Fee

Sewer Impact Fee$1,406 per ERC
Sewer Force Main Fee$1,450 per ERC

Reclaimed Water Service Connection Fee

Meter SizeConnection Charge
5/8 x 3/4 inch$301
1 inch$425
1.5 inch$700
2 inch$1,000

Utility Field Service & Installation Fees & Charges (updated October 2021)

Water Service Line Installation Charge

Short Service

3/4" short service line only$610
1" short service line only$650

Long Service

3/4" long service only$890
1" long service only$950
Open cutEstimated by engineering division

Meter Installation/Replacement Charges

Meter sizeCharge
5/8 x 3/4 inch$320
1 inch$390
1.5 inch$610
2.0 inch$720

Meter Relocation/Adjustment Charges

Meter sizeCharge
5/8 x 3/4 inch$310
1 inch$350
> 1 inchEstimated by engineering division

Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Charge

Reduced Pressure

Meter sizeCharge
5/8 x 3/4 inch$405
1 inch$440
1.5 inch$740
2 inch$880

Double Check

Meter sizeCharge
5/8 x 3/4 inch residential$200
5/8 x 3/4 inch non-residential$280
1 inch$380
1.5 inch$590
2 inch$760

Dual Check

Meter sizeCharge
5/8 x 3/4 inch 
1 inch

Note: Larger meters and other installations are estimated on a case by case basis.

Other Installation Charges

Installation/Relocation ChargeRefundable Deposit
Spray Truck Meter Installation Charge$330$750
Temporary 3" Jumper Meter Installation Charge$70$750
Temporary 2" Construction Meter Installation Charge (all water used to be billed at the tier 1 rate)$70$750
Fire Hydrant Maintenance Charge$90N/A

Miscellaneous Field Service Fees & Charges

Plan review and construction inspection$580
Hydrant residual flow test charge$120
Fire Line painting charge$230
Meter Station painting charge$230
Meter Calibration testing charge (5/8 x 3/4 inch to 2 inch)$65
Meter Calibration testing charge (3 inch and larger)$120
Service Call Fee (during regular business hours)$32
After hours reconnection fee$76
Meter access fee$31
Meter access vehicles tow charge$75
Data log report (only available on digital/smart meters)$35

Utility Administrative Fees & Charges (updated October 2021)

Administrative Fees & Charges

Service initiation fee (next business day)$45
Service initiation fee (same day, if available and unauthorized consumption owner meter bills)$90
Convenience fee$2.99 per transaction for transactions up to $300
Convenience fee2.65% per transaction for transactions over $300, up to $5,000
Late fee$5 or 1.5% per month (whichever is greater) 18% per annum
Returned payment fee$25 if payment for up to $50
Returned payment fee$30 if for payment between $50 and $300
Returned payment fee$40 or 5% (whichever is greater) if payment value is greater than $300
Collections processing fee33% of account balance
Utility lien processing and recording fee$50
Utility lien search fee$45 rushed service with account history
Billing service charge$1.14 per month for the first service; $0.49 per month for each additional service
High consumption credit application processing fee$5
Delinquency processing fee$50
City of Cocoa Garbage Discount$2

Tampering & Theft of Service Fees & Charges

Lock Fee$60
Tampering fee$150 first instance, $300 second instance, $500 third instance (same customer/same location)
Meter removal charge$300 each instance
Illegal connection feeEstimated usage (minimum 100,000 gallons) on size of meter intended for service line plus incidental costs

Utility Deposits


Meter SizeResidentialCommercial
5/8 x 3/4 inch$606 month average times 2.5
1 inch$706 month average times 2.5
1.5 inch$1206 month average times 2.5
2 inch$1706 month average times 2.5
3 inch$2206 month average times 2.5
4 inch$2706 month average times 2.5
6 inch$3206 month average times 2.5
8 inch$3706 month average times 2.5


Meter SizeResidential & Multi-Family Single MeterCommercial & Multi-Family Master Meter
5/8 x 3/4 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
1 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
1.5 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
2 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
3 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
4 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
6 inch$1006 month average times 2.5
8 inch$1006 month average times 2.5