Requirements to Start Service

Completed Request for Service Application

Two Valid Forms of Identification:

  • Government-issued Photo ID
  • Anything that has your name embossed/printed on it (i.e. Social Security Card, Insurance Card, Passport, Voter Registration, Vehicle Registration) NO credit/debit cards will be accepted.

Proof of Ownership/Tenancy

Proof of Ownership:

  • If Established: Recorded Deed
  • If Newly Purchased: Signed ALTA Statement or Notarized Deed
  • If Prior to Closing: Temporary water service may be provided pending the sale of a property by providing a fully executed Sales Contract signed by both buyer and seller (additional deposits may be required)

 A Valid Lease:

  • The lease must be signed with owner and tenant signatures clearly visible.
  • Notarization of the lease by the owner may be required on a case-by-case basis.
  • If the lease is signed by a Property Management Company only, a copy of the current property management agreement must be provided.
  • If the signing Property Manager is not individually named within the Agreement, a list of Authorized Agents must be provided by the Company on company letterhead.
  • If the lease is signed by a Power of Attorney, a copy of the Power of Attorney must be provided.

If No Valid Lease is Available:

  • Owner, Authorized Agent, or POA will complete, and have notarized, a Letter of Authorization Form provided by the City (photo ID and proof of ownership/agency/POA must be provided).

If Owner is Deceased:

  • Death Certificate must be provided.
  • Last Will and Testament or trust agreement naming beneficiary or executor.
  • Proof of Probate Filing: temporary water service may be provided pending Probate documentation (additional deposits will be required).

Utility Deposits and Service Initiation Fee are due at the time of account set up.

Your confirmation email will contain instructions for payment of deposits following account initiation. Please allow one business day processing prior to registering online account.

Prior Utility Debts

Any prior debt and outstanding account balances must be paid in full before service can be connected. If the prior debt status is a collection or write-off account, the account holder must pay the required amount in cash or secured funds before service can be connected.

The City shall refuse to furnish service to:

  • any applicant or any member of the household who is indebted to the City of Cocoa for service previously furnished at any location connected to City Infrastructure where they were the contracting party; or
  • an applicant the City reasonably believes directly benefited from utility service provided to a former contracting occupant who is indebted to the City of Cocoa at the same service location applied for; or
  • an applicant where the current property owner has an outstanding account balance at the same service location applied for; or
  • an applicant where the current property owner has a prior debt at any location connected to the City infrastructure that is owned by the same property owner; or
  • an applicant where the service location applied for has a lien on the property even if the lien has not been perfected per FL Statute 159.17.

For more information, please see the Utilities Handbook, Establishing Service

Related Documents

Please click below to access the Request for Service Application.

If you are an owner authorizing water service for your tenant, please fill out the below form.

Submitting Documents for Processing

If documents are not submitted in-person or by the requestor, notarization may be required. Applications submitted via email may take up to three (3) business days for processing. If your request to establish, transfer, or, terminate service is prior to the standard three business day turn around time, you must appear in person with required documents and photo ID for next business day service. The City does not offer same-day service.

  • Email:

  • In-Person:

    • Bring original documents to City Hall at 65 Stone St. in Cocoa Village
  • Mail/Courier:

    • Send legible copies of documents to 65 Stone St., Cocoa, FL 32922
  • Fax:

    • Send legible copies of documents to (321) 433-8408