Emergency Weather Information

Threatening Conditions

If a natural or man-made disaster (e.g., hurricane) threatens the City of Cocoa, additional information will be posted on this page. The links on the right side menu provide additional information.

If you need assistance or have questions during normal conditions contact Cocoa Fire Department by phone at 321-639-7613 or email the Cocoa Fire Department. A help line will be published during a natural or man-made disaster (e.g., hurricane).

Emergency Transportation

If you need transportation during an evacuation, you must register with Brevard County Emergency Management by calling 321-637-6670 to register for Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT) transportation to evacuation shelters.

For more information, visit the Brevard County Emergency Management Center website.

Employee Information Line Only

Recorded information will be available on the employee info line if we have a natural or man-made disaster (e.g.; hurricane). Check with your supervisor for instructions prior to an emergency.