School Presentations

School Presentations

The Cocoa Utilities Department's Conservation/Public Relations Officer is available to visit schools and give presentations on water related topics (water cycle, water conservation, water and wastewater treatment). During a classroom visit the Conservation/Public Relations Officer can bring workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations about water topics.

To schedule school presentations or to arrange tours of Cocoa's water treatment plant or reclaimed water facility call 321-433-8705 or email

Our World of Water Activity Book

For grades 3–6Our World of Water cover2.jpg

Unlike most cats, Kato loves water. And what he loves the most is to teach youngsters about the importance of water to our planet. Colorful word games and puzzles make understanding water science a breeze for students.

Classroom presentation about the water cycle and where our drinking water comes from available upon request. 

Water and Your World

Water and Your WorldFor grades 4–7

This is a comprehensive book that teaches kids to think about and appreciate water—instead of taking it for granted. Kids who use Water and Your World will learn about water distribution and treatment, why water is precious, and many specific steps they and their families can take to save water at home and keep runoff water clean. They'll also gain a foundation in water science basics like the water cycle, watersheds, and water runoff, to help them understand why it's important to conserve and protect water and how their personal actions can make a difference.

Teachers’ guide and post-test with answer key also available. Classroom presentation about the water cycle and where our drinking water comes from available upon request.

Be a Water Saver! Coloring Booklet

For grades pre–K to 2

Designed for pre-kindergarten through second-grade students, this fun booklet encourages children to save water by presenting six easy-to-understand conservation tips in the coloring panels and two more on the cover. Tips include "take shorter showers" and "turn off the water when brushing your teeth." It's an entertaining way to get an important message across to youngsters and demonstrates your commitment to water conservation and the environment.

 Be a Water Saver cover

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